Book Chapters

  • 2016

2. H.G. Morales and O. Bonnefous. Book: Computing and Visualization for Intravascular Imaging and Computer-Assisted Stenting. Chapter: Arterial Flow Impact on Aneurysmal Hemodynamics. Pages: 253-285. Editors: S. Balocco, M. Zuluaga, G. Zahnd, S.-L. Lee, S. Demirci. Elsevier. 2016.

  • 2011

1. M.-C. Villa-Uriol, I. Larrabide, J.M. Pozo, M. Kim, M. De Craene, O. Camara, C. Zhang, A.J. Geers, H. Bogunovic, H.G. Morales and A.F. Frangi. Book: Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing – Recent Trends. Chapter: Cerebral aneurysms: A patient-specific and image-based management pipeline.  Pages: 327-349. Editors.: J. Tavares and J. Renato Natal. Springer, 2011.